Yans Media is a design-driven animation studio creating explainer videos for agencies, brands, and startups. 

At Yans Media, we believe that videos can explain the most complex ideas and engage even the most passive audiences. But it’s not about having an animated video just for checking the box. Before taking any action, your customers need to feel inspired while understanding the why and how. And that’s what we do!

Our key expertise:

Explainer Video Production
An explainer video is a short marketing video designed to explain your business in a simple and engaging way by covering the following points:

•The problem
•The solution-value proposition
•How it works
•Benefits–the end result that customers will experience
•Call to action–instruction to make the next step

Startup Videos

 A startup demo video works by:

•Telling the story of your brand
•Delivering your message with engaging and compelling content
•Hooking your target audience, stirring their emotions, and framing your company as the solution to a problem they have
•Compelling viewers to take further action with your company

Blockchain Videos:

Blockchain is a game-changing technology, and while bitcoin, ethereal, and other cryptocurrencies are a big part of that, blockchain technology is so much more.

Here what our clients say about us

We were seeking a very specific look that matched our website look and feel. Yans Media & team was able to deliver a high-quality product in a timely manner that surpassed our expectations!
David Grieshaber
CIO, IP Gold

YansMedia did an outstanding job. It is even better then what I was expecting. Great communication and amazing consulting on how my product will be in the best light.

Simon Heijne

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